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Zoom 2-Ya Room Event


  • Two Puppet Shows - Both Pre-Recorded and Live-2-Zoom on our beautiful Studio Puppet Stage! 

  • Singalong with Movement

  • Puppet demonstration with a variety of puppets and emphasizing those related to the story

  • Craft demonstration and sharing

  • Post-show guided discussion with puppeteers and puppets

  • Activity book to download and print with a variety of skill-building pages and crafts directly related to the stories (Some are activities created for the days before the event to create anticipation and build excitement before the virtual visit, and also to share with us!)

  • Completely safe and private show to just your chosen room/venue (our time with you is never recorded, shared or broadcast with other schools or individuals except when requested by you)

From crafts to laughs, each event has been designed to

meet your classroom needs and delight your children!  

Kids in Preschool

You can trust Edgar Wibble 

"Storytelling with discernment"