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Privacy Policy

Edgar Wibble Puppets, LLC, and any derivative thereof, will never sell or share your email or personal information with anyone, including but not limited to third-party sellers.  Our only interest in your email address or personal information is for the sole purpose of directly contacting you via email regarding events, new shows and product sales on our website. You may opt out of receiving emails or being a member at any time.  We appreciate and value your trust.  

Terms of Use

Edgar Wibble Puppets, LLC, and any derivative thereof, has provided this website for the sole purpose of sharing puppet show videos, educational workshops, and puppet-related products with Visitors and Members including but not limited to individuals, families, educators, colleagues and anyone who enjoys storytelling through multimedia and puppetry.  Edgar Wibble Puppets, LLC reserves the right to cancel and revoke any membership if a Member is found tampering with videos or the website.  All videos provided for enjoyment on this website are the sole property of Edgar Wibble Puppets, LLC and are copyrighted at the time of publication, and therefore, are not available for sale or use on another website, public display or performance without the permission or written consent from Edgar Wibble Puppets, LLC, or for any other purpose.  Any attempt by a Member or Visitor to our website to sell, alter or use any material provided here will be considered Piracy and will be reported to the proper authorities.  

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