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Tips for talking like a Pirate

September 19th is "International Talk Like a Pirate Day," but talking like a pirate can be fun every day!

Edgar Wibble has some tips, jokes and jargon fer ye to try out on yer matey's!

Talk like a pirate day started out as a joke between two friends, after one of them said "Aarrrr" after getting an owie while playing racquetball. Now people all over celebrate it by talking like a pirate on September 19th. You can joke with your friends and family as well, anytime you want.

To start talking like a pirate close one eye, talk in a deeper gravely type voice and say "Arrrr" a lot. Then use the jokes below and some of the jargon throughout the day.


Q: How come nobody played cards with the Pirate?

A: Cause he was standing on the deck

Q: What vegetables do Pirates fear?

A: Leeks!

Q: What's a Pirate's favorite letter?

A: "P" - It would be "R" but it's missing a leg

Q: Why do Pirates carry a bar of soap?

A: To wash them ashore

Q: Why do Pirates carry swords?

A: Because swords can't walk

Q: Where did the Pirate meet his girlfriend?

A: On-Line

Now you tell the following jokes and try to talk like a Pirate:

  • Do Ye know, if ye rip a hole in a net, it'll have fewer holes!

  • To err is human, to Aarrr is seriously Pirate!

  • Me bets jellyfish be sad there are no peanut butter fish!

  • I bought me a pen that writes underwater. But it writes other words too!

  • Ya know what me favorite place to eat is? IHOP!

  • When I was a lad, I had me a pet shark, but it got taken away. It was a loan shark!

  • Ye know what me gots on me last report card? Seven "C's"!

Here's some more Pirate jargon that you might use in your conversations today:

Ahoy - Hello

Avast - Stop that

Aye Aye - Yes - I got it

Briny Deep - the Ocean

Bucko - a friend

Chowder Head - A silly person

Me Hearties - My friends

Lad - a boy

Landlubber - someone unfamiliar or awkward at sea

Lass - a girl

Me - Myself, or I

Ramshackle - Rundown or broken

Shiver me timbers - Something said if your Shocked or surprised

Swab - To Clean

Thar she blows - A whale sighting

Togs - Clothes

Ye - You


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