Who in the world is Edgar Wibble?

Here at Edgar Wibble Puppets,

we appreciate the inherent value of Storytelling

and the

the science of happiness and imagination 

"Make now



            Our Mascot -Edgar Wibble

Studies have proven that by suspending reality, specifically by watching magicians and/or marionette performances, you activate parts of the brain that passive entertainment leaves dormant.

This increases intelligence and overall happiness in both children and adults, and has inspired us to create moments of

suspended reality on strings

where laughter, innocence

and imagination can flourish.

Come to our next show and see for yourself!

Hop, skip or jump to our next show!

We LOVE Lupines!

Lupines, like ideas, are carried on the wind and 

sprout up in unusual places to make the world more beautiful.

With discernment and laughter, we aim to sow the seeds of innocence, promote tolerance, and foster stewardship.

It's about having fun while uniting families and developing resilience in a childhood that is often short-lived and tainted with the pressures of having to grow up too fast in a media-saturated age.

Pretending is real-

it turns lights on

in our noggins!


We are Storytellers

Edgar Wibble Puppet Theatre is a family owned and operated traveling puppet troupe. We are committed to providing an experience where imagination and playfulness can recuperate from the more negative aspects of today's society, to bring an old world art form to a new age audience and to provide family entertainment with



When you see an Edgar Wibble production you'll never have to cover your child's eyes...

or roll your own.

Most of all, we love to tell 


Come see for yourself


It's not a

"puppet show"...


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