Who in the world is Edgar Wibble?

Edgar Wibble

"Make now loud somehow"  

            Our Mascot -Edgar Wibble

Edgar is our mascot, a character  we created to embody the spirit of

Edgar Wibble Puppets. 

We use the art of storytelling and the

the science of happiness and imagination 

to promote togetherness, illumination and laughter for generations.

We are committed to providing an experience where imagination and playfulness can recuperate from the more negative aspects of today's society, bringing an old world art form to a new age audience, and providing family entertainment with trustworthy



Most of all, we love telling a



Christine from the Phantom's Opera

Christine from The Phantom's Opera


When you see an Edgar Wibble production, you will never have to cover your child's eyes...

or want to roll your own.

Andre, the friendly giant, from Jack & the Giant

It's not

"just another puppet show"


Edgar Wibble