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The Moon Makes a Wish

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Hello and welcome to your page. Here you will find all of the things you need for successful Zoom 2Ya Room event.  If you cannot open or utilize the PDFs or video below, please contact us and we will email them to you directly. Also, if there has been a mistake and this is not the show for which you purchased the event, please contact us immediately.
Thank you for booking your event with us.
We hope that you and your kids have the utmost enjoyable experience!  

Show Description

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What do you do when you feel unappreciated and unimportant?  You make a wish, that’s what! In our pre-recorded puppet show, and along with some “helping hands,” the Moon Makes a Wish and goes on a learning adventure to ultimately find appreciation and importance in just being oneself. The puppets are hand shadows against an animated greenscreen, as well as a gloved "hand-shadow" Moon.

Our live-to-Zoom puppet show, "The Fox and the Wolf," is based on the old storytelling notion that the moon is made of cheese. We tell the story of Fox, who gets into trouble when he descends into a well to retrieve the large white wheel of cheese and finds out, sadly, that it is just a reflection of the full moon in the water. Although obviously disappointed, Fox is also crafty - and very funny - as he builds his plan of escape; and who should come along to fall into his scheme, but the hapless Wolf - who incidentally also likes cheese. This very fable is hundreds of years old, told and retold, and our version is fun and funny (with no realistic animal confrontations). And watch for a surprise at the end - it's a clue to the next Zoom 2Ya Room show!


This is all adds up to a 45-min virtual visit via Zoom with two puppet shows, crafts, demonstrations, music and movement, printable activity book, and LOTS OF FUN!

Activity Book PDF

Download and print one-sided 8-/12 x 11.

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Take-Home Flyer

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Get families excited about the upcoming show! Print the PDF flyer and send home with kids. There is also space to add your own message (class fee, request for craft supplies, or general message).

Welcome Song

Kids in Preschool

This is our "Welcome Everybody" song. It is a class participation and movement song that we sing at the beginning of our visit. It helps to let the kids move a bit and be a little silly before they have to sit quietly and pay attention. There is a lot of movement, from jumping up and turning, to hopping and reaching, so please be sure there is ample space for the kids to move. At the end of the song, we have the kids return to their seats and settle in for the show. 

Note: Some of our preschool classes include differently abled children and if this is true in your class, please let us know what movements or sounds you would like us to include in our Welcome Song. Please write to us at 


and give us some specific suggestions so that that we may include any special needs kids in our song. Thanks!

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Class Singalong

This is the song we wrote for our singalong 

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How-To Videos

Here are some "how-to" videos that will help enhance your kids' experience! Some show how to make hand shadows on the wall and some will show you how to accomplish our crafts.  Let us know right away if you have trouble viewing any of the videos. Enjoy!